NTN channel IDs

This is set of short channel IDs. Little glass ball enters the scene and causes some creative chaos with ice, fire, stone,water and ink.

Have a look at some technical pre-production stuff.
Early drafts:

Here is a fast prototype of effect I made to figure out if it work or not.

Then I made few minor tweaks and rendered it to sell effect to client. Later VFX guys at Coffeepost used it as a reference for water ID.

Animated circular techno background was made with Cinema 4D. When it comes to this kind of stuff, C4D is way ahead of competition )

Produced at Coffeepost
Tools used: Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Next Limit RealFlow, Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects

VFX Artists – Vitaliy Misutin, Victor Malitskiy